Are you a fan of different quizzes? Then, you definitely need to play this project! A bunch of different questions are waiting for you on your laptop. But remember one thing – this quiz won’t be similar to the ones you completed already.

The game is set in the dark, eerie environment where the user is tasked with completing a quiz. However, it contains not the typical multiple-choice questions. Instead, they are designed to test the limits of your fears and phobias. And the more you play, the more frightening secrets you reveal about this world.

As you progress through the Start Survey, the atmosphere becomes increasingly unsettling. The environment is dimly lit with flickering lights. And the sound of creaking floorboards echoes through the halls. You are locked in the empty room with only a laptop on the desk. And the questions continue to appear on the screen.

The quiz itself is designed to trigger your fears. For example, one question may ask about your fear of heights, while another will make sure you’re afraid of darkness. As you answer these questions, the surrounding environment will change, becoming darker and more foreboding. And you will find yourself in a completely uncontrollable situation.

In summary, this is a terrifying horror that will push you to your limits. The combination of an unsettling atmosphere, fear-inducing quizzes and jump scares creates an experience that is both intense and exciting.

Start Survey Unblocked