Start Survey is a horror that will definitely leave you on the edge of your seat. The game begins off innocently enough, with you entering a room and being asked to answer questions. However, as you progress, things begin to get a little more sinister.

Immerse yourself into a thrilling atmosphere

The room that you are in is dimly lit, with only a small lamp illuminating the surrounding area. The walls are bare and there is only one window covered with curtains. The only furniture in the room is a bed, a small table and chair, where you sit to participate in the quiz.

The atmosphere in the Start Survey is tense and unsettling. Eerie music is playing in the background and strange noises are coming from the darkness. And while you play, the rain is pouring outside the window. You feel like you are being hunted, and that something is lurking just out of sight.

But remember that the more you answer the questions, the more the atmosphere around you changes. As you complete different parts of this quiz, you begin to second guess your answers, wondering if they will trigger something in the room. Because the person that asks you these questions has full control of the environment surrounding you.

Think carefully about your answers

As you move forward, you begin to notice that it’s not a typical quiz. They are personal and probing, delving into your deepest fears and desires. The questions become more twisted. And you begin to feel like you are being watched. Because all your deepest fears become true after you mention them in this cursed quiz.

The controls are simple and intuitive. You have a laptop with all the information you need. When you see a question on the screen of your laptop, you need to click on the option you want to pick. There are two options – positive and negative answers. And sometimes you need to interact with different items on your table. Open the drawers, throw various things into the trash can or build a pyramid with Rubik’s cubes.

The ending of this horror is truly terrifying and unexpected. Without giving too much away, let’s just say that the story takes a dark turn. You are left wondering what just happened, and whether you should have opened this laptop at all. But will you be able to receive a good final?

The atmosphere, questions and ending all combine to create a truly terrifying experience. So begin the walkthrough, if you are brave enough to get to the final!

Start Survey