Start Survey Game Online Play For Free

Start Survey may sound like harmless party entertainment. But in this horror, players will find themselves facing their worst fears and deepest anxieties. Need to answer a series of thought-provoking questions. And the more move forward, more understand that you don’t control the surrounding situation.

The dark empty room

In this game, users are plunged into a dark and foreboding atmosphere that is designed to unsettle and terrify. Spawn in a room in front of the computer. As understand, you play an average person who receives strange questions on his laptop. And after the first answer, the game lets take a look around.

This place looks like an average hotel room. It has a bed, a table with your laptop, a couple of Rubik’s cubes and a trash can. You can look in the window by moving the curtains. And are able to pick every item on your table and even throw it into the can. The room is almost completely dark, but you still can see everything surrounding.

The atmosphere of the game is designed to be unsettling and foreboding. The sound design is particularly effective, with creepy whispers, eerie music and terrifying sound effects that keep you on edge. Not to mention that the rain is pouring during the entire walkthrough.

Answer the questions

The gameplay is simple. Receive different questions on the screen of laptop. This is a simple quiz with only two answer options. You can choose either positive or negative options. And sometimes you need to interact with different items can find around.

When play, it seems like the narrator who is asking, is talking to. The questions are logically connected. And they immerse you into this terrifying atmosphere. The narrator may ask if are terrified of darkness. And the moment you answer positively, the lights turn off.

He will ask how you are feeling about certain things. And sometimes the questions will make tremble in fear. Because to answer them, you have to turn around and look into the eyes of fears. Don’t worry, they aren’t difficult, so don’t need hacks and clues.

Receive own ending

The horror is designed to be played multiple times, with different outcomes depending on your choices. This adds a level of replayability that will keep users coming back for more. According to the options you pick during the walkthrough, watch different scenes. And the final depends on what options choose earlier.

The project doesn’t rely on cheap jump scares or gore to scare users. But instead it creates a sense of dread and unease that builds throughout the walkthrough. Still, it doesn’t mean you are safe from frightening unexpected jump scares. And at the end you will discover what’s happening in this place.

If you are a horror fan who is looking for a truly terrifying experience, came to the right address. To immerse yourself into this atmosphere, you only need a pc and a couple of free hours. So pick the version want to try, and let’s go!