Start Survey is a chilling horror that will send shivers down your spine. In this game, you control a character who has been recruited to participate in a quiz. However, as you progress through the game, you realize that the quiz is not what it seems.

A dark and empty room

You wake up in the average room. It doesn’t look like somebody’s living here. An average bed, a desk and a chair is the only furniture you can find here. What makes Start Survey truly terrifying is the sense of isolation it creates. You’re completely alone in this dark and foreboding room, with no one to rely on but yourself.

When you begin answering the questions, the environment surrounding you changes. You quickly understand that your answers affect the future. You are no longer alone in this room. As somebody is watching you from behind. And the questions on the screen of your laptop become more disturbing.

Immerse yourself into this terrifying atmosphere

The atmosphere here is incredibly eerie, with its dimly lit environments and haunting soundtrack adding to the overall sense of dread. The rain is pouring every minute. And different unexpected sounds make you tremble in fear. The jump scares will leave you on edge. And the tension will only increase as you progress through the quiz.

The questions won’t test your knowledge or memory. Instead, they uncover all your fears. You must answer honestly. And don’t try to outsmart the program. Pick one of the two options on your screen. Answer yes when you are sure that your answer is positive.

Sometimes the screen asks you to complete some tasks. Interact with the environment or look around yourself. There are different small items you can interact with. But you can’t leave your seat without permission. Reach the final. Only at the end of the walkthrough will you discover the purpose of this quiz. But be ready for the scary final.

It’s a horror that keeps you on the edge of your seat, with its unsettling atmosphere and mind-breaking questions. But be warned, once you begin answering, you may never want to stop.

Start Survey 2